Visit Modern Spine

Modern Spine offers multiple ways to interact with patients.  Our primary office will be located in southwest WA, but we are expanding to other locations in the region in the near future.  We also offer virtual visits for second opinions and established patients so that care can be delivered wherever patients are without the long commute allowing patients to login to visit for your comprehensive evaluation and a discussion of your options.



Main Office Location

Coming Soon

Our main office location is coming soon as we finalize details.

Directions to the Main Office

Street View of the Main Office

See what the area looks like around the office so you can be familar with the area when you arrive.


Where to Park at the Main Office

Parking is conveniently located in multiple locations right next to the office.  

Additional Locations

We expect to announce additional locations in late 2023 as we continue to ramp up our practice and better serve our patients throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Need Help / Questions

Contact Us for more questions on how to visit virtually or in-person.