Second Opinions

Modern Spine expedits care for those in seek of second opinions because your last chance to make the right decision is now.  This is because after you have had a spinal operation, there may be no way to undo or repair some of the work done.  Making the right choice with the surgeon you feel will do the best job is critical.

We offer short forms and virtual visits for any patient that has recently be told they need surgery.  We may agree with the proposed of operation, may suggest a minimally invasive option that we specialize, or may have an entirely different plan including options to preserve motion, correct deformity, and more.  Regardless, we want patients to feel confident about their options and have a comprehensive view of those options.  This approach varies from so many surgeons that often don’t explain the rationale for the operation they chose for you, don’t have the expertise to offer surgery in minimally invasive forms, don’t understand biomechanics of the spine and the importance of measurements and limiting muscle damage, and just tell the patient they need surgery in one way and often times that they need it soon to pressure the issue.  There should be almost no pressure to make a decision except that you want to preserve function and less pain.  

This extraordinary approach to second opinions is the Modern Spine way, and it is actually the way we treat all of our patients.  We also often advise getting second opinions if you have seen us because we want you comfortable with your surgeon and your operation.  Even if you have surgery with someone else, we will take you back after your early recovery is over because we don’t pressure and don’t judge.  There are so many decisions to consider regarding back surgery, and we understand that.

3 Easy Steps to Getting a Second Opinion

: Send us your images

Send your most recent MRI, CT, and spine x-rays to us.

You can have them sent via CD or uploaded from your facility to a server at Legacy.  We usually advise you just call the imaging center where the MRI, CT, and x-rays were done and have them “pushed” to Legacy.  

We can help you with this step if help is needed.


Complete the form below to get us the information we need.  Leave out details about what is proposed if you have another surgery that you are considering.  We want to create a fully unbiased opinion regarding your care.

Second Opinion Form

Click the link about to get a second opinion.

Schedule a Visit

Contact us via the Consult Today link below or contact us via the Contact page.  

We want to help.  Let us sort out your options from the Modern Spine point of view.