Scoliosis and Deformity Surgery

Scoliosis and deformity surgery can be very challenging operations and done traditionally can require a substantial amount of recovery time.  Traditionally, they are done with open techniques meaning they are done through very large and very deep incisions.  Almost every surgeon in the Pacific Northwest performs these operations in this fashion with high risk of significant blood loss, infection, and other substantial risks.  Death and disability are not unfortunately not uncommon.  These same surgeons will often suggest or imply there are no other ways to do the operation successfully and that the traditional approach is the only option.   

Modern Spine does it differently.  We have tools, techniques, and technology and can use those tools to reduce to risk and recovery times of scoliosis and deformity operations.  We do this by carefully calculating your deformity and fully assessing your options for less invasive care.  Sometimes this means a longer, more complex, technically more challenging operation to perform than traditional techniques but the advantages are clear–no 2 foot long incisions, very low risk of reoperation, and shorter hospital stays.  

Our surgeon is up to the technical challenge that other regional surgeons are just not capable of doing and in exchange you or your loved one benefit from less invasive care.  

Consider consultation with an expert in minimally invasive deformity surgery.  It is different, and it is absolutely possible.


Next Steps

If you have a spinal deformity or scoliosis, consult with us today or get a second opinion on your diagnosis.  We will provide honest answers to your questions and concerns and give you something to consider as an alternative to traditional scoliosis surgery.