At Modern Spine, we take referrals of patients from anywhere on the planet, but there are a lot of factors that often need to be considered.  In some cases, insurance issues prohibit evaluation outside of network or the cost is prohibitive.  In some cases, a patient’s insurance may require a smoking pateint to stop smoking in order to be considered for surgery.  In others, the patient may benefit from open surgery more than minimally invasive surgery or may benefit from a tertiary care center for some rare complex diseases.  For some of the most common and also most complex diseases, Modern Spine often has solutions.  We hand process all referrals and look for issues and we will let you or your referring healthcare professional of any issues we see and provide solutions to you and your care team about how to potentially make yourself a better candidate for surgery or avoid it all together.

Referrals from your Healthcare Professional

If you have a doctor, chiropractor, nurse practioner, or physian assistant that you regularly see, you can ask for a referral to Modern Spine to see us for your back and/or neck issues.  This is often the easiest way to be seen in the practice because your regular care team has likely started some of the work-up and provide your detailed clinical background.  Sometimes insurances also require that you get a referral or the care isn’t covered.  Either way, just ask you healthcare professional today for a referral and if they don’t know us just yet, given them our fax number.

Also, scroll down to learn more about how to get ready for your appointment.

Fax Number

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Self Referrals

We also take self referrals for those that don’t require referrals from another healthcare professional.  You can Contact Us and let us know you want to be seen and we can help you through the process.  If you haven’t had an MRI or CT in the last 3 years, this is probably not the best route to go as we may advise you to work with your regular care team before consider a referral, but if you have, this is a great way to get established with the practice.  


Second Opinions

We take second opinions but the same insurance issues above can arise.  If your insurance doesn’t let you self refer, you will need a referral from your healthcare team or from the first surgeon you saw for your second opinion.


Second Opinion

Click here to learn more about options for a second opinion at Modern Spine.

Getting Ready for your Visit

Getting ready for your first visit whether in person or virtual requires several things.  WE want you to get the most out of your visit and provide you with the most comprehensive evaluation we can provide.  Here are some simple things to consider:

1.  Consider signing up for our online Patient Portal.  This allows you to have all your records digitized and available to our team.

2.  Gather your records including any non-surgical care you have tried and any images you have done of your spine.  You can have images sent to our address on the Contact Page or at the bottom of this page on a disc or have images “pushed” to Legacy in Portland.

3.  If you haven’t started any physical therapy but you think you can tolerate some form of therapy, we advise that you look at some online resources and start documenting on a calendar how long and how often you have done some of these stretches and exercises.  If you are unsure about starting any home therapy, consult your regular care team.  Also review our non-surgical care recommendations to consider before considering surgery and talk to your regular healthcare professional about this options.

Neck Exercises / Home PT

External link to the North American Spine Society Cervical Exercise guide.

Back Exercises / Home PT

External link to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Spine Rehab Guide.

4.  Know where to go.  We will have multiple locations and options for your visit including in-person and virtual visits.  Please visit our Locations page to learn more and confirm the location with us before your visit.  

5.  If you haven’t completed your new patient paperwork through the Patient Portal in Step 1, you must download and complete this information before your visit.  The paperwork can take a long time to complete so be prepared if you haven’t submitted this documentation online.  

If you used the online portal to send us your medical information, you can skip this step.  

Next Steps

Reach out to your healthcare professional or self refer for an evaluation at Modern Spine.  We will help you through the process and if you choose us, help you through surgery and recovery.