Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the best way to get the best spine surgery?

We advise getting a second opinion even if you have seen us first.  We are happy to provide the names of regional competitive surgeons at Modern Spine to ensure you have made the best decision.

2.  Where are you located? Where do you perform surgery?

We are expanding into new locations.  Please check our Visit section to get detailed information about our locations and where we perform surgery.

3.  What do I do the night/days before my surgery?

We will give you detailed instructions but before surgery you can also review our patient guides.


4. I was given a brace.  How long do I wear it?  What happens if I have problems?

We provide detailed information about how long we expect you to use bracing after surgery.  This may be extended but generally you will know a best guess before surgery and a customized plan afterwards.  If you have problems with your brace, review the bracing guide below for suggestion or call the office Monday – Friday.  If there is an issue on the weekend or after hours, you can simply dial back your activities until we can update you.



5.  I need instructions on wound care, dressings, showering, and more.  Where do I get that information?

 We provide detailed information about preparing for surgery and wound care in our patient guides.  Review the guides pre-operatively and again while you are in the hospital or surgery center as they will greatly help you with these issues as you recover.   


6.  When do I return for a visit after surgery?  Do I need x-rays or other imaging before my return visits?

Most of the time patients will return in 4 weeks after surgery.  After the first visit, we will usually see patients again in 2-3 months and this visit can oftentimes be Virtual.  For some conditions, that is all the follow-up required.  For more complex situations, we usually follow patients longer at 6-12 month intervals.  

If you had implants placed, we will want x-rays prior to your return visit.  We will work with you on locations to get the imaging done.  Make sure you come a bit early if your plan to do your x-rays on the medical campus of the main office.  

7.  I received a bone growth stimulator.  What is that for?  What do I do with it?

Revision surgery patients and multilevel fusion patients will generally receive a bone growth stimulator.  This helps with bone healing and decreases the chance of having another operation.  Please read our Bone Growth Stimulator Guide for more information.  If you only had a decompression, discectomy, disc replacement, or single level fusion, you do not need one of these devices.  If you did not receive one for a multilevel fusion, your insurance may not approve one until 9-12 months after surgery.

8.  Where should I stay if I am travelling for a visit or for an outpatient surgery?

Under our Visit section, you will find local hotel information for options near our main office and near the facilities we operate at.  You can also search for additional options in the area.

9.  What if I’ve had surgery recently with another surgeon?  Will Modern Spine see me?

If you are looking for thoughts after a recent operation, we recommend during the first 90 days to continue care with your previous surgeon.  After 90 days, you are welcome to seek a referral for evaluation at Modern Spine.

10.  What if I need help after hours?

We have staff available after hours but resources are limited.  If you are experiencing issues, look in the After Surgery Guide for solutions and suggestions before calling and always consider evaluation in the Emergency Room or an Urgent Care.  Additionally, some issues after surgery are medically related like elevated blood sugars or high blood pressure.  It would be best to discuss medical issues with your primary care physician or an medicine doctor for those types of issues.

11.  How can I get my pain medication refilled?  How long do you refill pain medication after surgery?

We offer opioid / pain medication refills during office hours only and ask that you give us at least 48 hours to respond to your request.  We want to help but calling during limited resource times is not advised as this time is reserved urgent or emergent calls.  Please plan ahead.  Count your pills and predict when you will run out of medication.  If you call after hour for pain medication, they will not be filled and repeat calls may result in halting any additional refills from the practice.  

In general, we taper opiates after 4-6 weeks for most operations and before 3 months for larger operations.  If you have been on pain medications before surgery, you will need to work out a return to your prescribing physician before surgery or request a pain management referral.  

Some Other Question?

We will continue to update this section over time but if you don’t see your question above.  Contact the office during business hours, and we will assist you further