Preparing for Neck and Back Surgery

At Modern Spine, we know that having surgery is not only stressful for patients but also for their families, pets, and friends.  We have found that providing more information about the process is very helpful to reduce the stress and anxiety with an upcoming surgery.  

As such, we have developed downloadable care guides to help you through surgery for the most common conditions that we perform to help you be best prepared for surgery.  We also have After Surgery Guides to guide your care as you recover.  It can be helpful to have both on hand and you are encouraged to study them and take notes before your surgery.  Share them with family, friends, or caregivers that will be helping you get here, get through surgery, and get back home.  

We try to explain all the steps required before, during and after surgery to reduce the amount of uncertainty so that you can focus on your healing and have answers to help guide you along the way.

Download one of our guides to surgery below.  We revise them often with the latest information and standards and hope they help with you on the road to recovery.

Future Preparing for Surgery Guides

We are in the process of making additional guides.  Check back before your operation to see if they are available.

After Surgery Guides

Being ready before surgery for anticipated steps through your recovery is the best way to get through an operation in our opinion.  Click the box below to see our After Surgery Guides and learn more about recovering from your operation.