Non-Surgical Spine Care

Most spine patients should attempt non-surgical care before considering surgery.  Exceptions to this might be those with fractures, tumors, or other pathologies that would not benefit from conservative care.  

Most conditions, however, are manageable without surgery including most herniated discs, narrowing of the spinal canal known as stenosis, or arthritis or degeneration of the spine or discs.  

A good surgical program will help to make sure you don’t jump to a surgery you never needed but also be there for you when there are no other options.  At Modern Spine, if you have not started conservative care or non-surgical management, we will assist you in the process to try to avoid surgery and also coordinate care with great individuals in the community to help with your rehab and pain management.  

Non-Surgical Options

These are just some of the many options to consider and some of the many options we can help tailor to you to help you through your spinal issues.  Talk to us or talk to your primary physician, chiropractor, pain doctor, or rehab doctor about these options.

The Modern Spine Approach

What if non-surgical measures aren't helping?

If non-surgical care isn’t working, it would be best to consult with a spine specialist that knows all the options and can focus your plan and expand your solutions.  

Next Steps

There are so many more options to manage spinal conditions without surgery.  Work with us, with your doctor, or independently.  Most of the time you will see improvement with a coordinated effort.  If treatment fails, we can also help you with the next step at Modern Spine.