New Patient Documents

Welcome and thank you for considering care at Modern Spine.  

We are honored that you considered us because our best outcome is your best outcome.

As a new patient, we like to learn as much about you as we can.  This means getting detailed understanding of your issues, the care you have tried, who you have seen or worked with for your issues in the past and more.  

The process to complete our New Patient Documents can be a bit time consuming, but it let’s us know you better and allows us to shape care to you.  At Modern Spine, one size care does not fit all, and we pride ourselves on custom solutions.  

The best way to complete these documents is through our online Patient Portal but we also have other options:  


Neck/Arm Paperwork for New Patients

If you have only neck or neck related problems, please complete the forms below.  

Back/Leg Paperwork for New Patients

For patients with back or back related problems, please complete these forms to the best of your ability.

Neck and Back Paperwork for New Patients

If you are having both neck and back issues, complete this paperwork to save time versus completing both of the above.  

Other Conditions Paperwork

We take care of other problems too at Modern Spine.  If you have one of these issues or were instructed to download a specific form, pick it here.