Peripheral Nerve Surgery

At Modern Spine, we also take care of other parts of the nervous system.  The spine and brain is just two places nerves are located.  The peripheral nerves are nerves that extend beyond the brain and spine like the nerves in your arms and legs.  These nerves are known collectively as the peripheral nervous system and each nerve has a name.

The most common peripheral nerves that have surgical issues are the carpal tunnel in the wrist and hand and the ulnar nerve near the elbow.  If these nerves become pinched, they can cause pain, numbness, weakness, and muscle loss if severe.  

Surgery to address these issues is usually outpatient with a bit of an extended recovery to allow your hand or arm to heal.  In many cases, the nerves recover substantially so long as the problem wasn’t very severe to begin with.



Next Steps

If you are referred for or found to have a peripheral nerve issue, please contact us.  It is likely we can help with your problem and talk you through both surgical and non-surgical options.